If you’re an avid fisherman, The Edge Fish Cleaning Station is a must-have tool. This high-quality, marine-grade station is manufactured and sold by Seaward Systems, and is designed to be installed on multiple surface types, outdoors. With a variety of features, upgrades, and color choices, it’s super easy to customize and fit your unique needs and space. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line fish cleaning station, The Edge is The Edge is definitely worth considering!

The Space You’ll Need – Dimension & Construction Specifications


The Edge comes in 5 unique dimensions, ranging from 3ft-7ft, but can also be ordered in custom sizing. Here are the dimensions for each range:

PDF icon Spec Sheet: 3 ft selection has overall dimensions of: 64″ x 60″ x 90″

PDF icon Spec Sheet: 4 ft selection has overall dimensions of: 64″ x 72″ x 90″

PDF icon Spec Sheet: 5 ft selection has overall dimensions of: 64″ x 84″ x 90″

PDF icon Spec Sheet: 6 ft selection has overall dimensions of: 64″ x 96″ x 90″

PDF icon Spec Sheet: 7 ft selection has overall dimensions of: 64″ x 108″ x 90″

Each version of the table comes in the same depth and height, while the length changes.

Construction & Colors

In terms of construction, each table is built with tubular marine-grade aluminum and 316L S/S hardware, and features a heavy-duty King StarBoard cutting surface with rounded and smoothed off edges. Finally, it comes with a concealed waterline, base-mounted water connection, and an inlet with an access plate.  Colors include a pure white, light grey, and pebble.

The Features You Get – A Table Full of Tools

The Edge comes with a lot of features that’ll make your fish cleaning process much easier. Some notable inclusions are:

  • Alnet Extrablock Shadecloth Awning – Durable & Fade Resistant
  • Customized Backsplash Space for Boat Name/Logo
  • Accessory Tray With:
    • 2 Stainless Steel Cup Holders
    • 2 Filet Knife Holders
    • 1 Knife Sharpener
    • 2 Wash Down Hoses (5, 6, 7 foot models only)
    • 2 Spray Nozzles (5, 6, 7 foot models only)

*Note: 3 and 4 foot models come with 1 wash down hose and 1 spray nozzle instead of 2 due to size.

Additional Upgrade Options for Personalizing Your Table

While The Edge comes with plenty of features, there are a few additional options you can purchase to really make it your own. Here are some notable upgrade options:

  • Weatherproof LED Lighting
  • Duplex 120V Outlet for Convenience
  • Convenience Sink For Icing Down Your Catch or Washing Your Supplies
  • Storage Cabinet for Additional Space
  • Multipurpose Shelving for Storing Accessories
  • Fish Hanger to Show Off Your Catch
  • Weatherproof Fan to Keep you Cool (or keep the bugs away)

Extra Options for Efficient Installation

To help SeaWard Systems install the The Edge Fish Cleaning Station properly on your dock, you will choose from the following:

  • Type of dock installation: concrete, wood, composite, or other
  • Type of mount: flat-based, L-shaped, cantilever, or other
  • Position of water connection: right-side or left-side
  • Position of accessory tray: right-side or left-side

As you can see, The Edge is a highly versatile and customizable fish-cleaning station. No matter what your specific needs are, Seaward Systems has you covered!

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