Picture this: Sun’s out! You’ve been on the water all day, cruising, listening to your favorite play list. The fish have been biting and even better, you’ve been catching! It’s time to head in, you have a cooler filled with fresh (and delicious) fish. And guess what, you’re actually excited to clean your catch. Why? It’s because you have a SeaWard Fish Cleaning Station!

Let’s look at why SeaWard’s Fish Cleaning Stations are the best.

Indestructibly Made with Top Marine-grade Products

The first thing you want to consider is the materials used throughout the design of the fish cleaning station. Older stations were often made from pressure-treated and sealed wood, which eventually rot from extended exposure to saltwater and outdoor elements.

SeaWard Systems uses a combination of high-quality materials such as tubular marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware and King StarBoard. The frame is made from resilient tubular marine-grade aluminum with 316L stainless steel hardware and can withstand 150 MPH wind loads. The cutting surface is a marine-grade polymer called King Starboard, which will not rust, delaminate, or rot when exposed to water, humidity, or the UV rays of the sun. The front of the table features a lip that ensures nothing drips onto your feet, and instead moves around the cutting surface and drains from the rear. SeaWard has taken into account galvanic corrosion by using design techniques that guarantee the aluminum and stainless steel (dissimilar metals) are separate. By using top-of-the-line marine-grade products, SeaWard created a fish cleaning station that doesn’t corrode and is long-lasting and durable.

Perfect Combination of Style & Functionality

Not only is it important for your table to last, but it is equally important to look good and function well. SeaWard’s tables were designed and engineered by an avid fisherman who took this into consideration when developing this product. The company offers two models with many customization options to add on, giving uniqueness to your station.

The Edge features a Alnet Extrablock Shadecloth awning that is durable, fade resistant and stands up to life on the water. It is retrofitted with an accessory tray, a water connection system, and your logo on the backsplash. The Chase is equipped with all the features of The Edge except for the awning, making this model more compact in structure and the right fit for many docks.

Both models are delivered with a group of standard features that combine sleek style and thought-out functionality. Included you can add your boat name or a logo to the backsplash of the table and choose between three color options for long-lasting powder coating. All stations are designed with a concealed waterline and base mounted water connection. Plus, an accessory tray that is equipped with a stainless-steel cup holder, fillet knife holder, knife sharpener, wash down hose and spray nozzle.

Additionally, you can further customize your station by adding on weatherproof LED lighting for the post-sunset fish cleaning session after a day on the water. Install a duplex 120V, convenience outlet for when you need to recharge equipment or simply for a phone charge to take pictures of your catch. If you simply need multifunctional shelves and cabinets to store your gear and a convenience sink to wash your supplies or ice down your catch, they will build any or all of these to fit your table. And don’t worry, if there is something that you feel the need for, they will help make it happen.

Every Dock is Different.

Your dock and its layout play a huge role in the fish cleaning station you purchase. The dock material, installation area, height restrictions and personal preference should be taken into consideration before purchasing one. SeaWard offers many sizes and mounting options for you to choose from. If you have a unique circumstance or do not find what you are looking for on the website, the SeaWard team can help.

Overall Ease of Installation

Finally, no one wants to spend hours putting together a station. SeaWard offers installation in the state of Florida and shipping all over the country. If you opt for shipping, the stations are delivered with instructions on how to mount to your dock and assemble the pieces together.

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Proudly Built in the USA

SeaWard builds some of the richest products in the marine industry. Every product is carefully designed and thoroughly tested to provide a better experience on land, by the sea.

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