The foundation of every fishing trip starts with fishing tackle. While it is true that you need the right tackle, good weather conditions, and an adequate understanding of fishing techniques to be successful, it is equally important to use rods that have been well-kept. If you utilize a functional rod caddy system, your rods are protected and adequately stored for their next use.

What to avoid when storing a rod collection?

Before we jump into how to properly store your fishing rods using a rod caddy, let’s talk about what can damage your rods. Despite how strong your fishing rods feel out on the water, rods are a still delicate piece of fishing equipment that should be handled properly. Depending on your storage location, things like pets, small children, drastic temperature changes, and moisture can erode, break, or fully damage your rod set up.

  • A damp environment can cause fishing rods to warp or become contorted. While a bit of curvature or warping can usually be dismissed, if the bend in the rod is drastic, then you’ll either need to repair the rod with the right tools, take it to a repair specialist, or purchase a new rod.
  • Jamming rods up in a corner or along floor can cause a tangled mess, or worse, a broken set of rods. Anglers cringe when faced with either of these challenges and most can agree that a functional rod storage system is imperative to protecting their rod collection.

As such, you should keep your rods safe by storing them in a location that is away from dangers like these, and why we recommend using a rod caddy storage system from SeaWard Systems.

What are the benefits of a Rod Caddy storage system?

When it comes to properly storing your rods with a caddy system there are a few important things to keep in mind.

There are many styles to choose from with designing a rod storage system. Some are designed to roll and transport. Some are stationary and mounted to a wall or a seawall. Regardless, if they are off the ground and protected, they are less likely to be damaged.

The material and more importantly, the process in which your rod caddy is made makes a difference. Wooden or plastic caddies are less expensive but will only last for a fraction of the time that a marine grade aluminum and powder coated product will last.

SeaWard Systems Rod Caddy Collection is an innovative fishing rod solution for storing and organizing your fishing rods. They manufacture rod caddies using marine grade aluminum, then it’s welded together and finished off with a long-lasting powder coat. This process makes the rod caddies highly resistant to seaside environments and daily wear and tear. Some designs offer stainless steel rod holders, some are fitted with plastic inserts and both rolling caddies come with polypropylene swivel casters with a locking mechanism.

Each model boasts its own unique features and offers semi-custom designs based on the customer’s ideal rod configuration.

  • The Wall. This setup is designed to help customers create a modular wall mounting system to help maximize floor space while protecting your rods. It’s a perfect option for customers looking to organize their garage or a storage closet. A versatile product, they are even mounted to seawalls or boat storage areas.
  • The Glide. This caddy is helpful when transporting fishing rods from your vehicle or storage area to your boat. The sleek and secure design makes it easy to maneuver and can safely move many rods at once. When you’ve caught all the fish you can, place your rods back on the caddy and rinse with fresh water. Bonus perk: add your boat name or a favorite fish to the caddy for an extra layer of personalization.
  • The Ace. Need something to accommodate heavy duty, unconventional rods, this last caddy is designed to do just that. It is strongly built for your garage or storage closet, with the ability to move as needed. Customers can customize the configuration to hold a combination of straight and bent rods while also adding on accessories for dip nets, kite rods, and gaffs.

Overall, we believe that every angler should invest in a quality rod caddy to protect their rod collection. Not only will it extend the life of your fishing rods, but it will also make storing and transporting them a much simpler task.

For more information on Rod Caddy storage systems, give us a call at 954-295-9023 or contact us using the form on our website.

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