If you are serious about catching fish – then you should be serious about the fish cleaning station you invest in. There are many fillet stations available, but the right fillet stations are ones that are designed by fisherman. It should be equipped with all the must-have accessories to make it a fun and painless experience. It should provide you with the right tools, in the right spot to help clean your catch no matter how big or small it is. It can be overwhelming to choose is the best, which is why we’ve compiled this guide on 5 things your fish cleaning station must have.

1. Marine-Grade Construction

If you want your station to last in seaside climates, it must be built with marine-grade products. Starting with the frame that should be built with tubular marine-grade aluminum and topped with a fresh powder coating. Then 316L stainless steel hardware should hold pieces together, but also must have a nylon washer between the stainless steel and the powder coating to protect from corrosion. Last, using a heavy-duty cutting surface like King StarBoard will help add to the longevity of the station.

2. Fillet Knife Features

Fillet knives are fun — and sharp fillet knives are more fun, right? A convenient knife holder and sharpener is an accessory not worth overlooking. Filleting is an intricate task and easily produces dull knives if you’re not careful. Having a decent knife sharpener on hand is a must-have attachment to your fillet station. Additionally, knife holders are useful to organize your work area, which can be helpful when you’re working on a big fish.

3. Water Inlet and Use

Cleaning fish is messy, smelly, and not for those with a weak stomach. Having a wash-down hose attached and readily available to quickly clean your table and hose down waste is a necessity. It helps prevent unwanted odors from lingering around your workstation long after you’ve finished. This unique feature built into your station makes a world of difference in terms of convenience – no one wants to lug a hose across the yard, that is never a fun experience.

4. Stainless Steel Cup Holders

A fish cleaning station is not complete without a cup holder. Having a place to put your post-fishing drink is a must. A stainless-steel cup holder helps keep your beverage in place. It keeps it off the cutting surface of your fish cleaning table, while staying within reach while you work. If you are lucky enough to be filleting for a while, having your favorite drink nearby can help keep you motivated and refueled along the way.

5. Customized Backsplash

Cool boat logo? What about a unique boat name? A fun-added feature is to brand your station so it’s one-of-a-kind. Look for a station that allows you to add your own customized logo. Image taking pictures of your catch, on your table, with your own customized logo in the background.

As you know, in the marine industry, accessories are endless. There are many bonus upgrades that allow your fish cleaning station to go above and beyond. Some bonus upgrades to consider are an awning to protect you from the sun or the rain, a weatherproof LED lighting for the post-sunset fish cleaning session, a duplex 120V, convenience outlet giving you power charging options, multifunctional shelves and cabinets to store all your equipment, a convenience sink to wash your supplies or ice down your catch, a fish hanger to show off your fish, and a weatherproof fan to keep you cool (or keep the bugs away).

Investing in a properly built and well thought out fish cleaning station is an excellent way to make your fishing experience more convenient and enjoyable.


SeaWard Systems developed a collection of distinctive Fish Cleaning Stations that provide customers with the perfect combination of style and functionality. Not only is it important for your table to last, but it is equally important to look good and function well. SeaWard offers two models with many customization options to add on, giving uniqueness to your station.

If you’re in the market for a fish cleaning station, be sure to check out our fish cleaning stations, The Chase, and The Edge. Browse our selection today, or if you have any questions.

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