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No better way to escape than on the water. That’s how this all started – well that, and a large manufacturing facility with a lot of big equipment.

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The Development of Durable Marine Products

The Development of Durable Marine Products

Being an avid fisherman and an innovative engineer, Jeff Seward started to tinker with marine products. He was inspired to develop polished products with more strength and durability than currently found in the market. Jeff designed – redesigned, tested – retested and continued to tweak his models until he felt confident in what was being produced. Then he added features – features that were derived by time spent on the water and endless use of the products.

Fast forward to now, Jeff has created some of the richest products in the market. His customers have faith in SeaWard products and agree that each one is engineered to outperform the competition.

That’s what motivates him to keep at it – to continue to successfully transform products and retain customers for a lifetime.

Jeff Seward the developer of durable marine products

Look Beyond The Catch

Durable Marine Products for Boat Lovers who love to fish

Look Beyond The Catch

Equipment for the avid fisherman doesn’t stop on the water, it trails beyond the catch and into the outdoor living lifestyle.

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